Technical consultant for crime and police procedure authors and screenwriters.

Welcome to my website. I’m a professional author and a police sergeant in one of the largest cities in the United States.  I believe I have a unique insight to help you write more authentic and accurate crime stories

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New release alert – the Brew City Blues Boxed set

Michael Anderle and I are delighted to announce that the Brew City Blues Boxed set is now available exclusively on Amazon. Whether you buy your copy to keep, or read it through Kindle Unlimited, we're sure you'll enjoy it.The Brew City Blues Books 1-4 Army veteran...

Big News!

All the news and announcements recently... Welcome to a new feature on my site. I'll be sharing news, snippets and behind the scenes information - sometimes it will also be in my newsletter, but you may see it here first! Hollywood Patrick? I was approached by a...

Brew City Blues, Book 4 released today!

I'm delighted to announce that Book 4 of my Brew City Blues book was released today!Here's the cover and blurb. Honor and Valor By Patrick O'Donnell and Michael Anderle Officer Michael Collins has proven himself to be a valuable member of the district five late shift...


Cops and Writers is a podcast hosted by retired police sergeant and author, Patrick O’Donnell. The podcast provides valuable insights and humor for crime writers who want to create accurate and believable police stories. O’Donnell conducts in-depth interviews with members of law enforcement and civilian experts, discussing police procedures and culture. He also interviews crime fiction writers and writers from different genres, discussing what works in the ever-changing landscape of book sales and publishing. The podcast offers candid stories told with cop humor and technical details about the world of law enforcement. 

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